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The SA 2100 offers a cost effective failover solution for 100% uptime.

Businesses are becoming more and more sensitive to network outages and downtime. The impact of network disruption due to local loop interruption can cost customers thousands of dollars. The SA 2100 offers a very cost effective and flexible solution to provide network diversity as well as secure remote access to the primary router. Minimizing downtime and reducing the need for a field service technician, the SA 2100 is an easy answer to WWAN Backup and remote console port access.

  • 4G LTE with 3G fallback
  • Single 10/100 Ethernet interface with IP address passthrough
  • Micro-USB to serial support for out-of-band console access
  • Embedded battery for power backup
  • Remote management platform

Business Use Cases

Cable cuts and natural disasters can interrupt primary and backup wireline connections, causing outages which disrupt mission critical business operations and transaction processing. With the SA 2100, activities can continue uninterrupted while wireline systems are being restored.

The SA 2100 also provides the ideal temporary broadband data solution for new location construction and data connectivity while landline services are being installed. Customers can have immediate high speed LTE cellular data without the wait for landline circuit installation and expensive D-marc facilities.


SA 2100 Spec Sheet