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Expand your brand into new places and spaces with the Skyus.

The next step in kiosk evolution, the Skyus embedded modem kit, is a common sense platform linking customers and companies in real time. With a Skyus inside, Smart Kiosks react to user interaction, capturing metrics through multitudes of sensors, differentiating needs and choices, and promoting social interaction.

With seamless integration, the Skyus performs like an embedded modem, supporting well-over 2,200 sensors in a single kiosk. Add the lightweight and durable Skyus to an existing kiosk or your next generation machine and with its direct data access, be able to instantly manage vital customer information. Without interrupting the user or asking for their input, review metrics of your kiosk users and determine each machine’s user demographics. Evaluate trends day to day, hour to hour or even minute to minute.

Since a kiosk is designed to operate almost anywhere, we thought the Skyus should do the same. With an industrial grade temperature range, the Skyus can handle extreme indoor and outdoor conditions, so your kiosk can live anywhere you need it to.


Use Case: Smart Kiosk
Skyus Brochure
Skyus DS Spec Sheet

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We know that modern-day kiosks require connectivity, but a successful deployment requires more than just internet. Learn about our Skyus embedded modem kit and pre- and post- deployment support.