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The Skyus DS and Meraki are a perfect pairing for smart wireless solutions.

Let’s be honest, wired connections are reliable to a point, but many organizations regularly face disruptions of service. And in today’s fast paced world when you are not connected everything comes crashing to a halt, costing you revenue and productivity. It’s time to switch to something more reliable — fortunately there are good options available. Companies are realizing the benefits of transitioning their business’ primary connection to cellular or utilizing wireless as a failover option.

We’ve engineered our Skyus DS platform as a drop-in solution with select Meraki routers. The Skyus DS/Meraki solution gives you the option to start fresh or retrofit existing infrastructure. Best of all, it’s a cinch to scale hardware and carriers with the Skyus DS. We work with Meraki to make these solutions effortless; so you instantly gain access to high-speed 4G LTE, failover for critical business applications, and maximum uptime with the carrier of your choice.

Business Use Cases

Wi-Fi Access Point – Sometimes your pain is as simple as needing a highly reliable internet connection. The Skyus DS gives you a trouble-free transition to wireless, creating a robust primary connection when paired with a Meraki router. With the flexibility to set up a network anywhere, you’ll know no boundaries with the Skyus DS and Meraki.

3G/4G Failover – FW’s Wireless WAN failover solutions are designed to provide redundant wireless connectivity to traditional wired solutions, meaning 99.99% up time for your business. Engineered for turnkey deployments, these WWAN Failover solutions offer a highly scalable system that includes all the performance, security and ruggedness of an embedded system. The integrated approach to WWAN failover is based around the Skyus DS platform and a Meraki certified router. This allows users to avoid the hassle of up-front integration costs and lead times, while taking advantage of an industrial grade, scalable solution.


Use Case: Skyus DS WWAN Solution
Skyus DS Spec Sheet

Skyus & Meraki – A Perfect Pairing

Setting up the Skyus with the Meraki for cellular based Wi-Fi or automatic failover is so simple you’ll hardly believe it.