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Embedded Modem Kit

The Skyus is the easiest path to IoT connectivity. How easy? Say you wanted to set up a bank of Pick-Your-Toppings frozen yogurt machines in the desert. Easy. Or maybe the customers on board your fleet of “Bigfoot Seeker Snowmobile Tours” want to settle their bill with a credit card. Mid-Mountain. Easy! With our rugged, self-contained, mobile modem kit, you can wirelessly connect and monitor anything you can image…and even the things you can't.


  • Designed for IoT
  • Secure 3G or 4G LTE broadband connectivity
  • Easy installation and activation
  • USB power optimization
  • Equipped with external SMA antenna ports
  • MIMO antenna support for LTE
  • Optional mounting bracket

Price: $279.00

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Product Description

The Skyus™ is a rugged, low-cost modem kit that simplifies integration efforts of adding mobile connectivity in IoT solutions. The Skyus performs like an embedded module, but is a self-contained add-on unit; allowing for a smoother and quicker transition to market. This is accomplished by combining a radio module within an IoT-Ready adapter board that is specifically built for embedded applications.

In contrast to standalone radio modules, the Skyus uses standard USB connections for the physical interface, making it readily compatible with the largest choice of host devices. And unlike consumer grade USB modems, the Skyus has external SMA antenna ports to optimize reception and coverage. Packaged into a lightweight and durable housing, the Skyus is IoT-Ready.

Skyus Watcher™

Included with the Skyus is the Skyus Watcher connection watchdog utility; always on guard – staying on top of signal strength, quality, and online connectability. It can distinguish a real threat from something minor and  knows when it’s important to notify you.

Skyus Watcher is designed to run on Windows platforms, providing powerful connection monitoring and failure recovery logic, ensuring reliable connectivity for Skyus customers. In the event connectivity is lost Skyus Watcher takes action and resets the modem. Designed to operate unattended, the Skyus Watcher utility logs and alerts users to issues after their resolution.