Start a successful tech career in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Great products don't make themselves. Innovation is made, developed, and maintained by exceptional people. Since its inception in early 1999, FW has found people with a passion for solving Internet of Things (IoT) related problems.

If you are a talented individual looking to join our team of makers, FW would like to hear from you.

Why FW?

The People

We work with a fabulous group of brilliant, innovative, and genuinely cool individuals.

Vacation Time

We get lots of vacation time. Yep, over 3 weeks during your first 12 months and over 4 weeks after one year. And it keeps increasing from there!

The Right Size

We are a fast growing tech-savvy company based in the beautiful “Silicon Shire” of Eugene, Oregon. A city not too big and not too small. Juuuuuust right.

We Have Fun

Who else do you know that gets to do the Harlem Shake or throw paint with their company CEO’s and VP’s?

And the List Goes On…

Competitive salaries, medical insurance 100% paid for employees, up to 70% paid for dependents, dental and vision plans, free Espressos and snacks in the break room, on-site massage therapy, a wellness room, company sponsored softball team, flexible schedules with sane working hours, Feeney Fridays and the best Halloween costume contest in town (we get serious here).

Novatel Wireless Family

We are excited to officially announce FW has merged with Novatel Wireless. Connecting things and giving them a voice is deeply rooted in our heritage, and we’re delighted to join a family of like-minded individuals who share the goal of revolutionizing the Internet of Things. The imaginative and passionate team at Novatel Wireless invents and reinvents ways which keep the world connected. Together, we simplify IoT.

Alliance Partners

At FW we call upon our engineering heritage every day, pouring our souls into the design and manufacture of common sense platforms that connect the Internet of Things. We are a team of makers on a mission, to make M2M as easy as flipping a switch.

The FW Alliance Partner Program (APP) is designed to eliminate the hassle of setting up partnerships, focusing on extending our commitment to making easy-to-use platforms for the Internet of Things. We work with you, complementing your capabilities with training, co-marketing and lead sharing.

In the end, we’ll help our mutual customers to receive high value solutions that accelerate their time to market, and ensure we reach our common sales goals and revenue objectives.

Join the M2M Revolution

No matter who or where you are in the world, the invisible technologies of M2M are all around you. Chances are you aren’t even aware you are interacting with them. At this point, the question isn’t if, when or how M2M technologies will change the world, but how quickly it’s shaping our expectations of the way the world works and what we do with it.

“Machine to machine (M2M) communications is one of the most disruptive technologies available to businesses today, and its potential is only just starting to be exploited.” – Vodafone

Now, we could bore you with a lot of talk about quality and efficiency improvements and gains from new revenue sources. However, the real question is, how will you embrace M2M?

If you’re ready to realize the full potential of M2M, let’s talk.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey or you’ve been involved in M2M projects already, we imagine you have lots of questions. FW is here to help.

FW is an information utility with a passion to challenge the status quo. We revolutionize the technologies of wireless and M2M ecosystems by listening to our customer’s ideas and engineering reliable solutions. Through our integrated M2M Framework and Managed Services, we accelerate your vision and support you through its entire lifecycle.

FW makes M2M as easy as flipping a switch.

About FW

FW is a team of makers with big ambitions on a mission to connect things. Founded in 1999 FW is an Internet of Things (IoT) products, systems integration and services company headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. FW specializes in fixed and mobile cellular-based wireless solutions with a focus on product innovation, speed to market, and rapid commercialization of new connected devices.

Whether it is an oil field worker, police officer on the street or fleet owner, FW provides the technology behind their daily operations. FW’s cellular-based wireless solutions have been deployed by enterprise customers and public sector agencies around the world. With a strong engineering heritage and the ability to support customers through the entire IoT lifecycle, FW’s position in IoT helps businesses to gather meaningful intelligence, transforming the way they work.

FW operates out of Eugene, Oregon in a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility – these buildings are home to corporate administration, new product development, research and development, customer care and support, and warehousing facilities for large scale IoT deployments.

Video Archive

FW is constantly developing its library of instructional and promotionlal videos that allow you to not only understand the industry of Machine To Machine (M2M) technology better, but also how to implement solutions.  


From product detail videos, product comparison videos or instrucitonal videos to aid in getting the most of your current system.


View or extensive webinar library to see past examples of what FW can do and its various product solutions and how they can interact with your company

Contact Us

If you have questions, we are here to help. Contact one of our specialists at:

PHONE: 541-685-9045

TOLL FREE: 800-683-4818

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 877-698-6481

FAX: 541-284-0030

Contact Support

Privacy - FW is devoted to keeping your information and identity private. For more information about our privacy policy, read more.

Professional Support

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Great products don't make themselves. Innovation is made, developed, and maintained by exceptional people. Since its inception in early 1999, FW has found people with a passion for solving machine to machine (M2M) related problems. FW has expanded into one of the West Coast’s largest mobile data solutions companies providing expertise in the field of M2M products and services.

FW Headquarters are located in the city of Eugene, which ranked #8 in the list of best places to live in the US. Click here to learn about Eugene, OR.

If you are a talented individual looking to join our team of makers, FW would like to hear from you.

Use Cases

Use Cases are a great way to explain what Machine To Machine (M2M) technology can do for your business.  While these solutions represent past accomplishments, they are intended to be an indication of what we CAN do, not a specific list of what we do.  We have found that there are no cookie cutter solutions that fit every need. 

So click on one of the links on the right and see some possibilities of what M2M integration, services and products can accomplish.

Our Partners

Like many great businesses, we could not offer the service and quality we do without the involvement of our partners. Whether it is technology, service carriers or hardware manufacturers, FW would like to recognize the partners that make connecting your machines possible.

Management Team

Founder Bob Ralston started the company in 1999 after a 20 year engineering career in electric utilities. Inspired by an early wireless project where he led the development and deployment of one of Oregon's first cellular mobile data applications used for electronic service order dispatch, Ralston launched FW.

The FW Management Team consists of some of the most innovative personalities in the M2M world who bring passion and imagination to a technology that is at the forefront of cellular machine connectivity and remote device management.

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